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"Elixir" EP Release - Danny Starr

Danny Starr has that same cool, “je ne sais quoi” of rock legend Alex Turner, which shouldn’t be a surprise as Danny lists him as one of his biggest influences.

And you can definitely hear it in his music – the non stop, toe-tapping grunginess of pure rock’n’roll. His second EP, Elixir, is full of classic rock/bluesy influences, and is absolutely brilliant.

Riding off the success of his debut EP “Darling” (dropped last August) he was so excited about the release that he plunged back into the studio, with the result being Elixir, which we attended the launch of this weekend at London's prestigious Notting Hill Arts Club.

Danny Starr's songwriting prowess leads to hooks and choruses that won't leave your head for days - which is an amazing feat for anyone, let alone the fact that he's only just 18 and is completely self-taught.

Joined by two more amazing acts, it was a fun and memorable night full of energy and pure soul.

The night started with UK singer-songwriter Will Whisson, who loop pedalled his way into our hearts with beautiful and honest songwriting, always with an optimistic tone. Though he was just one man on the stage, he offered the energy of a full band.

Using the guitar loops as well as crazy harmonica skills, Will offered a genuineness that was a great introduction to set the tone of the night of raw musical talent who truly care about what they do.

Next up were French act, Ryder the Eagle, who continued to build on the energy that Will had created. Hailed as a “dark crooner”, Ryder was an fun yet enigmatic musician to watch – experimental indie rock at its finest. As his debut single’s title suggests, for him, “It’s All About the Music”.

At quite a few points as well he would come off the stage and wander into the crowd, as if wanting to transmit the pure love and energy of music he felt to all the listeners in the room.

From there we got to hear the starr of the night of course (see what we did there?!). By this time, the energy in the room was absolutely pumping. You could tell every single person in the room was there to support Danny, and let’s just say they weren’t afraid to yell it and let him know.

Backed by a full band, Danny jumped into it right away, delivering a show chock full of energy, with a great mix of his older songs and the brand new songs from Elixir. Watching the show, it was completely evident that this kid has got soul. It poured into every second of his performance, and the most important bit was you could tell he really loved it, and was having fun.

His voice, guitar skills and performance, completed by some cheeky banter, all proved that Danny Starr stands out, and is one to be watched.

Having seen a lot of success last year – being supported by BBC Introducing, being featured on multiple Spotify playlists, plus being a finalist in last year’s Stripped Back Competition – one can only imagine where Danny Starr’s talent will take him next.

Already confirmed to play at UK's famous The Great Escape festival in May, we can bet you that wherever it is, it will be far.