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Our Vision Music Connects People.

Whether you are an Artist, a Music Lover or an Industry Player, Fame Music is the perfect home for your sound. Discover new artists, distribute your tracks, collaborate internationally and challenge yourself. In the end, it’s all about music.


Features A fully immersive experience

Gone are the days of trying to direct your fans and potential audience to a million different platforms in order to see all of your different content. Fame Music allows you to plug in all of your existing media and have a full overview of all your insights on just one platform. Ours.

Features Your music everywhere}

Digital distribution is here and we provide the full works. Artists can distribute their material directly to all the major e-commerce and streaming sites directly via Fame Music. 100% of the revenue generated? That’s all yours.

Features We are the
Game changers}

Produced a track, everyone loves it and now what? The music business is a complicated minefield. We are working on a unique gamified experience to help walk you through it and help you make it in the industry. As we grow into our new site, we want you to grow with us and new tasks will be released in the near future. It’s the new digital management system.

Features The evolution of talent scouting

One look at our previous competition winners will show you that Fame Music really means business. Winning one of our competitions has the potential to quite literally change your Life. Big budgets, connect with the industry, international gigs, official releases and serious sponsorship. You have got to be in it, to win it - so keep your eyes open.

Our Artists Where the Magic really happens

At Fame Music we are always on the hunt to help and develop fresh new talent. We have a dedicated international team of key industry players with a wealth of experience who constantly monitor our site to find the music of tomorrow.
Fame Music - One Platform, One Audience, One Industry, One You.